included in the most outrageous cookbook ever, Darling, You Shouldn’t Have Gone to so Much Trouble, compiled by Lady Caroline Blackwood and Amanda Haycraft

Sonia Orwell’s Tagliatelli with Truffles

Marianne Faithfull’s Different Sweet/Sour Pork

Barbara Cartland’s Filets de Sole Caprice (“cooked by her chef Nigel Gordon in 10 minutes”)

Quentin Crisp’s Tibetan Workhouse Soup (ed note: oooo boy)

Bernard Shaw’s Vegetable Salads

Beryl Bainbridge’s Stovies

Anne Dunn’s Cold Omelette

Lucian Freud’s Tomato Soup au Naturel

Nicholas Haslam’s Fake Mayonnaise for Masking Cold Chicken

Natasha Spender’s Ukrainian Eggs

Jonathan Miller’s coleslaw

Roald Dahl’s Norwegian Cauliflower

Doon Plunkett’s Caviar Soup

Francis Bacon’s Thick, Fat, Genuine Mayonnaise

(The author would like to thank Nancy Schoenberger for her help compiling this list)

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