What Not to Do

I mean, I actually did find Rebecca Mead’s book One Perfect Day: The Selling of the American Wedding fascinating and not at all damaging to my enthusiasm, but still, I wouldn’t exactly RECOMMEND that a person read it while engaged.

“What are the forces that are contributing to this increase in wedding pressure, not just among so-called Bridezillas, but among all American brides and grooms?  And what is the significance––beyond the impact on the purses and personalities of marrying couples, their friends, and their families––of the escalation of the American wedding?  What, in other words, does the American wedding tell us about the rest of American life?  It was questions such as these that propelled the writing of this book, as well as a hunch that some answers might be found not by looking at the grotesque behavior of a handful of individuals, from whose excesses an amusing but ultimately trivial tale might be wrought, but by looking at the larger context––at the wedding culture in which those individuals are immersed.”

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