Essays I Will Not Write

Again, I’m strengthening my resolve in this new calendar year to focus on the big projects rather than the essays that pop into my head all the time.  As William Styron’s daughter said of her father’s depression, he felt not comforted by the masterpieces he wrote, but hounded by the little pieces he had never gotten around to, “that they were like little beasts and he had watched them turn their backs on him and walk away.”  But I’m thinking, perhaps better to let them go than try to hold tightly to their leashes as they sprint toward the horizon?

So Internet, you’re welcome for this idea: a follow up to this New York Times article about travel blogger Meghan McEwan, who recently bought a very pretty house in the utterly magical Leelanau Peninsula in Michigan intending to turn it into a B&B.  Some things to cover in the article: do virtual dreams fail to satisfy?  Does critical expertise translate to practical know-how?  Is the Leelanau Peninsula the next big thing, or should we never speak of it again so that it remains untouched and pure?  Does she know where Mario Battali lives?  And so on.

You know what, fuck this––if any editor is interested, lemme know.  I can make time for it, depending on how many expenses you cover.


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