“But Bruchy knew, as anyone with any sense did, that this was certainly not a book for boys.  Boys were to keep their minds pure and spend their days with Torah study.  Girls were not required to study Torah.  He who teaches his daughter Torah, the sages said, teaches her foolishness.  Girls, we were told, didn’t have the urges and temptations that boys did.  Girls were allowed to gaze at boys, but boys were not allowed to gaze back.  Some said that women possessed loftier souls than men and therefore didn’t need to study Torah, weren’t obligated with as many commandments, were allowed to study English literature and history and even a little art and science, too, because their souls were so lofty that those subjects couldn’t hurt them, or not nearly as much as they could boys.”

~All Who Go Do Not Return, by Shulem Deen

Other things best left to women:

Politics (all of ’em)

Managing large amounts of money/running corporations

Determining how much space each individual ass deserves on subway benches

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