Words of Wisdom

Last week, I attended a panel that featured, among other people, a nonprofit lawyer who argues on behalf of pregnant women’s rights.  It seems mostly she has to educate them about the state’s actual ability to take away their babies based on one positive drug test, among other things, and lobby to elected officials regarding the fundamental inability of pee-in-a-cup to determine someone’s maternal ability.  The woman was extremely smart and well-spoken, and I found myself by the end totally silenced by her elocution.  But not all in the audience were as impressed.  There was one woman, a small, sassy black woman who was a teacher––or at least, might have been a teacher, as she likened herself to “wise blues singers”––in the audience who decided to fill some silence at the end of the Q&A with a bit of a deconstruction of this woman’s argument.  Basically, young girls these days don’t want to listen to a lot of talk, she said.  They don’t have the patience for that.  They’re being used––as surrogates, as sexual playthings––and they need to be told to keep their eyes open lest they be snatched by any number of predators.  When the lawyer went to object (heehee), the woman just kept right on going.  “You gotta be ahead of the game!  You gotta be Elizabeth Taylor!”  And so my friends, now you know.

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