Reasons Why I Think Meghan Daum and I Could Be Friends

For the record, this list is a FRACTION of the length it could have been, based solely on reading The Unspeakable.

1. We both pepper our speech with Yiddishisms

2. We both would like to live at Downton Abbey (although are slightly worried we’d be awkward around the servants)

3. We both eat to live, rather than live to eat

4. We both have an anti-sentimental streak that occasionally borders on political incorrectness

5. We both believe that “excellence comes not from overcoming limitations but from embracing them.”

6. We both immediately give up when we find something difficult (and are embarrassed about this habit)

7. We both desired to do the Bohemian NYC struggling writer thing even though we knew it was a cliche

8. We both dated mostly to “collect experiences”

9. We are both mildly disdainful of Lori Gottlieb

10. Neither of us ever learned how to properly chop an onion

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