Intern Jobs

When I was a wee seventeen, I interned at Sex and the City, which was then the coolest thing––not just show––in the world.  And as I was a minor, technically it was illegal for me to work there, which made the whole thing even cooler.  Ergo, everything I had to do, which included dropping off mail and throwing away the leftover quarter-bagels in the morning, was––you guessed it––awesomely, fantastically cool.  But among these very glamorous tasks of mine, one stood out above all: when the product placement lady left on a week-long vacation, I was assigned to watch recent episodes of the show and count the number of times I spotted a item with a Louis Vuitton logo on it.  Thus I spent a full five days drinking free cans of perfectly chilled Diet Coke, listening to the Mr. Softee song on repeat (seriously, that truck never moved from the corner, despite the fact that no one lived there) and watching the four ladies quip over coffee and occasionally reach into their purses and marking down that yes, indeed, Samantha did have a Vuitton wallet that day!  What they did with this information, I never asked.

So flash forward to now, and I’m moving crap (a lot of crap) around in my new apartment with the TV on in the background, and marveling at how weird it is that they are obsessed with Friends over here––seriously, it’s on all day, every day––and I see this commercial where they collage together the theme song from various bits of dialogue and I realize that there’s probably some little intern sitting in a dark room at Comedy Central UK watching endless episodes of Friends and picking out “so” “no” “one” “told” “you” “life” “was” “going” “to” “be” “this” “way,” and so on, in order to make said commercial.  I can’t decide if that sounds like the most fun ever or the most horrible.  Certainly not the coolest thing, though.

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