Lend Me Your Personal Life!

Believe it or not, this has actually worked for me once before.  If you happen to fit any of the following descriptions, please get in touch with me (via Siobhan) so I can pepper you with invasive questions about your experiences and use you as a subject in an article!  Every person’s dream!

1. You’re a convert to Catholicism considering becoming a nun.  You live, in order of preference, in: England, Scotland, Ireland, the United States, or Australia (only if I’m desperate will I consider Pacifica.)  Ideally you’re between the ages of eighteen and thirty, and college educated, but the latter is not at all important.  Like, I’d rather you live in England than be a uni graduate.

2. You run a small art gallery out of your living room.  You live in Paris or London (no preference between the two.)

3. You work for immigration dealing specifically with partner or fiance(e) visas in the United Kingdom.  Second preference: same, but in Canada, or in the United States.  Also feel free to get in touch if: you’re a lawyer who deals with said visas, or you’ve applied for said visas before.

4. You once tried to become Amish.

5. You’re an expert on the biology of attraction.

6. You are a historian of the circus arts, a teacher of circus arts, or someone who tightrope walks to decompress at the end of the day.  Preferably, you live in the greater London area.


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