A Job For Me, Part Two Million

Dear Alberto Manguel,

While reading the latest issue of the New York Review of Books, I came across the following quote from your latest book:

“It was [the beekeeping priest] who told me that when a beekeeper dies, someone must go and tell the bees that their keeper is dead.  Since then I’ve wished that when I die someone will do the same for me, and tell my books that I will not come back.”

As an obsessive bibliophile myself, I understand this desire, and I’m happy to do this for you.  I suppose it’s best if I introduce myself to the books first, so that I’m a recognizable face when I deliver news in the future.  To that end, I suggest I come and visit your library (and you) in France some time in the coming months.  Please let me know when would work for you.  I have a feeling you don’t have an enormous online life, so I’ll search for a physical address for you.  When I come, we can drink tea and talk about our personal experiences reading to the blind.



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