Meringue Hat

I really should have a category called Whimsical Haberdashery, but I think I might be done adding categories.  I mean, at a certain point, expansion becomes procrastination, no?  Speaking of procrastination, I wanted to work today, but I went to a family wedding last night so I was tired and lazy and ended up watching a lot of (really good) movies and eating an entire medium pizza by myself.  A day that sounds funny in the context of a Girls episode––millennials, they’re so stupid and yet witty!––but is actually just kind of sad in real life.  But you know what isn’t sad?  This drawing of a meringue hat, which I told my husband I wanted the other day.  It was done by Will Cotton, my new art crush.  Will, can you make me one of these IRL?  Great, thankssomuch.


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