Portable Padded Room!

LET IT BE KNOWN THAT ID NEVER ABANDONS A PROJECT!  NOT EVEN IN THE FACE OF PUBLIC RIDICULE, LEGAL THREATS OR CERTAIN DEATH!  (Okay, so maybe not that last one…)  For nearly four years now, I’ve pitched to everyone who would listen (my husband, my former boss, Jeff Stark of Nonsense NYC) my idea for a portable padded room, constructed of an old trailer of some kind.  On the side could be a big sign that reads, “For all your public nervous breakdown needs!” and the artist (that’d be me) could drive it around the city and invite the marching suits inside to have a good old fashioned freak out.

One minor problem with this plan: I have zero experience in construction.  Or design.  And I’m just an okay driver, but we’ll put that on the back burner for now.  As for the first two problems, I think my problem is solved, because I’ve recently discovered Danish creative director Jonas Hallberg’s genius tiny office.



Dear Jonas,

Will you please collaborate with me?  This project haunts my dreams; I shall not rest until the portable padded room is a reality.



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