So Many Conspiracy Theories

And you know what’s at the center of them all?  L. Ron.

So my husband suggested I read a Gawker/Jezebel article on a fancy Silver Lake, Los Angeles preschool’s insane drama (full text here.)  Naturally I Google the direct link so as to avoid scrolling through the depressingly vacuous stories on both sites, but that’s neither here nor there.  The Silver Lake preschool thing wasn’t exactly hard hitting––like, these aren’t problems, exactly––but was fascinating in a horrible sort of way.  Apparently the school is run by an egomaniacal do-gooder (they exist) who also has her own IMDB page (it is LA, after all.)  The past few years, she has lorded over Camelot Preschool (too easy) wearing Lululemon pants and a crown made of children’s tears (something like that.)  She also has her own line of maternity clothing, which she advertises as having been worn by “Jenna Elfman, Matt Damon’s wife Luciana Barroso, John Travolta’s wife Kelly Preston, Gillian Anderson…”  Notice anything fishy here?  That’s right––Scientology.  Nobody in Hollywood brings up Jenna Elfman and the Travolta family unless they’re prepared to be associated with everyone’s favorite thetan clearers.  And if I may say so, her inflated self image seems like it would really fit well with the whole OT Supreme Being thing.  As my husband said, “I almost want to comment and bring that up, but… I don’t care.”  All I care about is going on the record, so that when it comes out that this bitch is a Scientologist, I can say, “We told you so.”*

*The “we” because this is really all thanks to my husband, who first pointed out the Scientology connection.

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