ID Does the Headlines!

Hello everyone!  It’s time for everyone’s favorite game: when ID solves in one word the problems think-piece writers have labored over for hours for probably $100 a pop.  I know what you’re thinking: “ID, things are complicated!  Life is full of gray areas!  Sometimes issues require 1200 words eked from the pen of a beleaguered aspiring journalist!”  But now listen to me: no.  No, they don’t.  Understand?

Let’s begin!

New York Times Magazine: What Is It About Adele?
Answer: She has a good voice

The Memo: Quitting Facebook Boosts Happiness and Stops Loneliness: Should We Cut Free From Social Media?
Answer: Yes.

Slate: Should We Trust Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan to Donate Their Money Wisely?
Answer: Yes.

The Guardian: Is Ironing a Thing of the Past?
Answer: No. Are We Addicted to Stories About Internet Addiction?
Answer: “Addicted?”  No.

Refinery29: Can Paper Magazine’s New Paris Hilton Cover Break the Internet?
Answer: No.

The Atlantic: Why Are There So Many Data Centers in Iowa?
Subtitle: “Networks, land, power, and taxes.”
Answer: So, uh, yeah, you answered your own question.  Thanks for saving me some time.




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