Is Tennessee Williams a Good Poet?


I saw a white dove in a tree.

The tree was white, the leaves were three.


These leaves, I noticed as I passed,

were shaped as bells of crimson glass


And azure glass and emerald glass:

I felt them tremble as I passed.


The dove stood in the tree alone

and in her beak she clutched a bone.


This was my love, I heard her cry,

I drank his blood and watched him die.


I drank his blood, the dove confessed,

because I loved him to excess.


Then as I passed my body thinned,

it lifted on a gust of wind,


And I was high above the hill,

the universe was white and still


And there was neither tree nor bird

and no bell struck and no leaf stirred.

Please check one:  Yes  ­Δ

No   Δ

(Okay so that’s a Delta, not a box, but you can make it work.)




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