Let’s Get What We Really Need

It seems that all-female remakes of classic dude flicks are in vogue.  First, Ghostbusters, and now, Ocean’s 11, starring, maybe, Jennifer Lawrence?  From some website called Movie News Guide:

Jennifer Lawrence has been making headlines for her every real or reel life move. Rumors of the “X-Men Apocalypse” star joining the female-led “Ocean’s Eleven” spin-off had been making rounds for quite sometime, but the representative of Lawrence has recently lashed out at it terming untrue and baseless.

(Quick aside: how hilariously UPSET is the tone in this?  Her representative “lashed out” that the rumor was “baseless.”  It’s like she’s been accused of having kiddie porn or something.)

Anyway, I guess this is a fine idea, but what I decided really needs to happen is an all-female remake of Reservoir Dogs.  My husband thinks this idea is meh, but I’m pretty sure it’s gold, Jerry!  I call the role of Mr. Pink.  I’ve always agreed with him on the tipping front.


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