Post-Script from Friday

Just a little update to my Friday post: My husband generously pointed out to me that while my post was “good,” I flubbed one thing, which is that Jesus did not say outright he had come to supplant the law.  Rather, he said, during the Sermon on the Mount, that he had come to “fulfill” it.  What exactly does that mean?  Of course, Jesus liked to speak in parables, so the enigmatic statement was left to be clarified by his Apostles later: in Acts 15, when Paul and Barnabas go to the Council at Jerusalem, long story short, they proclaim that the laws of Moses have been abolished (to put it heavy-handedly) and that people shall be saved “through the grace of our Lord Jesus” alone.  So, while the point of my phrasing was correct––most Christians (save Seventh Day Adventists) do not consider Hebraic law to apply to them (nor do Hebrews!)––the literal phrasing of it––that Jesus said this outright––was wrong.  Sorry!  I am going to leave up my mistake for all to see because that’s how big a person I am!

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