Synonym Envy

I clicked on a link to this article about a potential anti-semitic hate crime spree in Brooklyn (what else is new) but honestly, I stayed for the fact that this writer managed to get really creative with his synonyms.  A KNAVE?!  Well done, Ben Verde, well done.

The Police Department’s Hate Crime Task Force is investigating an allegedly anti-Semitic egging spree in Kensington this weekend.

In one incident, a knave hurled an egg into the open door of a synagogue near Dahill and Cortelyou roads a around 6:17 pm, striking the wall of the house of worship — but missing the worshipers, cops said.

Ten minutes earlier, a hooligan had tossed an egg at a woman on 38th Street near 15th Avenue — barely missing the unsuspecting woman.

And on Sunday, some goons pelted a 50-year-old woman in the back with eggs on the same stretch of 38th street at around 4:15 pm, according to police — who confirmed that both victims were Jewish, and are treating all three incidents as connected.

The egg attacks come amid a significant surge of hate crimes in New York over the past year, with anti-semitic incidents seeing the biggest spike.

Between January and early October, the Police Department recorded 323 hate crimes — marking a 33-percent increase over the same time frame the year before. Meanwhile, anti-semitic crimes have risen 63-percent, according to authorities.

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