What I’m Doing Over the Weekend

… a la a lot of nauseatingly cute lifestyle blogs that focus on pics taken on iPhones, recipes for organic homemade pinatas, and other examples-of-why-the-blogger-is-better-than-you-are.  (A curious many of said blogs, I’ve realized as of late, are written by Mormons?)

DISCLAIMER: I may actually do none of this shit and instead sit on my ass and think about pizza.


Wake up

Take much-needed shower

Eat an enormous brunch, preferably involving eggs

Go visit the Armory Show (see below)

To quote Frank McCourt, "Tis."

Play, and win, at ping pong

Convince boyfriend to go out for a nice Mediterranean dinner

” ” to dance at the local dive, described by one reviewer as “Cleveland circa 1973″

” ” to give me piggyback home



Wake up

Eat bagels

See boyfriend off

Mope about boyfriend’s departure

Read, with a strange glee, The Leftovers, which is about inconsolable loss, cults, and broken marriages

Decide which of two sad movies will be better to combat Sunday Blues: the one described as “tightly structured” and “compelling” or the one described as “a terrifying, delirious exercise.”

Finish letter to Marina Abramovic (mum’s the word on this, for the moment.)

Finish The Leftovers


Have nightmares.


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