My colleague HW sent me this last night and I died laughing.  I can’t tell if it’s serious, but something tells me at least part of it is.

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Im really hungry and have no money and no food to eat. What should I do?

— boop83

Submitted 3 years ago

Best Answer – Chosen by Voters

Sell your computer to get money to eat.

Kimberley wrote:

I’m sorry to hear this, no one should go hungry. Do you have a local food bank you could visit? They are really reasonable and help those in need. Otherwise I would visit your local church and see if they can help you. Another place to look into is your local Senior citizens center, they usually have lunches there daily. All that being said, if you live in an area where there are no facilities like I mentioned maybe you should knock on your neighbors door. I know its not the most appealing thing to do, but most people will help out when they can, its human nature. Good luck to you.

Sangeeth K wrote:

If this is really your state…I am very sorry about it. Get a job asap. But if you are asking for the sake of asking a question, you can drink lot of water. It will reduce the hunger. In olden days there were saints who drank only water and lived for years. But you need practice for that.

vee-smalls wrote:

go to a food bank…..or go to a mcdonallds and say that they messed up your food. their policy says that they have to give you what you sey they messed up without having to see a recipt.

Jez N wrote: 

I’m on the same boat as you. thats why im a go chaw from the supermarket. they got loads of money. don’t rob independent shops, they need the cash.

Chelsea V wrote: 

sneak into costco and eat all the samples.

middleEngland wrote:

dust. anybody….no?….dust

Jersey Girl wrote:

Go to a food bank.

No money – who’s paying for your internet connection?

Ally wrote:

wow go find some change on the ground and go to wendys or somthing

 ~M@~me~ wrote:

Call ur Mom, or be a man about it.

Some of these are predictable, and yet some are genius.  I’m totally trying that McDonald’s thing next time I’m hungry and my change doesn’t add up.

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