This Makes Me Sad

These tights are adorable:

I always feel like a twat when trying to pronounce "ombre" though.

But one, it’s springtime, and so no new tights necessary for a good few months now, and two, they’re FORTY-FIVE FUCKING DOLLARS!  (It actually says “fucking” on the Etsy shop entry.)  Seriously, for $45, I could feed myself for a week, and buy a cheap pair of tights at H&M and dip them in crushed berries myself.

Luckily, when I win the $600 gajillion megamillions powerball whatever tonight, I’ll be able to buy myself the woman who owns this Etsy shop and set her up in my laundry room, where she will dye tights in the morning, make funky candles in the afternoon, and sleep at night.  Hey, I’m not a slavedriver.

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