Personal Ads in The New York Review of Books

Exactly as cliched and hilarious as you would imagine.

Personal Services

EROTIC EXPLOSION: Let me blow your mind, your ultimate erogenous zone.  Provocative talk with educated beauty.  No limits.  (xxx) xxx-xxxx

AURAL EROTICA: with a naughty raconteur.  Uninhibited, unhurried kinky fun and fetish friendly.  Elizabeth.  (xxx) xxx-xxxx –– Meet single book lovers who value green living, natural health, personal growth, spirituality.

SACRED EROTIC … The Incredible Lightness of Touch.  Private, safe, tasteful.  Greenwich Village.  (xxx) xxx-xxxx


LEGGY, LITERATE BRUNETTE seeks bookish sixty-something man with good stories to tell.

FABULOUS FEMALE MANHATTAN ARTIST seeks fit guy from anywhere, who lives in the Big Apple and could share with this happening gal of 80, dinners out, passion for travel, music, film, theater, books and art.

FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT against the fading light, Chicago financier seeks passion, romance, companionship and intelligent conversation to minimize impact of wife’s advanced Alzheimer’s.  He is superbly fit, mentally strong, financially able, socially adept, culturally competent, thoughtful, compassionate, handsome, and clever but these qualities are inadequate while caught in the web of confusion and stress that this illness creates.

TALL, GRACIOUS, slender yet shapely woman with a little Euro-chicness, low-key but top notch, newly empty nester (kids in college), based in NY and DC.  Fishing for sophistication, wit and enthusiasm in one man, age 50-65, with passion for both work and play, is focused but does not take himself too seriously.  Must also be tender, loving and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

IF CONNECTING WITH A SOMEWHAT QUIRKY 29-year-old Columbia Ph.D. student who is at least reasonably attractive by most standards, and who has a sincere interest in much of the standard cultural fare of a reasonably well-educated urbanite (e.g. opera, theater, live (mostly classical) music, art museums) piques your interest, you might consider contacting me.  By way of greater disclosure, I might add that I have an incorrigibly curious nature, a handful of curmudgeonly views, a streak of friskiness, a touch of melancholy.  I’d like to find a partner, guide, lover, leader, and co-explorer and -idler.  Please be between roughly 40 and 55, at least a tad unconventional, kind (of course), passionate, and, at least in some one way, rather exceptional.  I’ll be happy to provide a photo once contact is established.

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