Opening “Poem”

Here’s the opening poem to Soula Coaster: The Diary of Me (apologies that I have been incorrectly referring to the title as the STORY of me.  I am so ashamed.)

Look behind myself as I reflect on all the memories

Good times they come and go

Lost everything from friends to family

If I could turn back the hands

There would be some things I’d change about me

I know my past is not what my future holds

Where I come from who could

believe all the pain and misery

Look in my eyes and you will see…

The diary of me

Rewind my life, just go back and correct all the wrong

And ask God to direct my path so then I could make it home

Years ago a child was born and raised without a man

My mom was scorned but still reached out her hand

Just open the book, turn the pages of my life

and you will read

A true story about one man’s journey…

The diary of me

I mean… just… just wow, Kells.  I really for once in my life have been struck dumb.  I believe I just WILL turn the pages of your life.  I really can’t wait until you deal with that whole urinating on a preteen thing.  That’s what I’m assuming you’re referring to when you say there would be some things you’d change, correct?

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