Thank G-d this bunny chair came down in price!

You should remember the full pic.

I know because I wrote to the maker of this and she wrote me back and quoted a price, and now I must be on a mailing list of some kind or something, because today she sent me this:

merve kahraman


to Siobhan <>

Hi Siobhan, [ed. note: my assistant handles 99.999% of my affairs]

I wanted to let you know that due to a larger order we got this month, we are able to make a discount on a limited number of Hybrid Chairs. Instead of the original 3,100 Dollars it is now been reduced to 2,700 Dollars (excluding shipping).

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

Well thank heavens!  Once it gets down to maybe $50, I’m IN!

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