Nonsense, Indeed

I subscribe to a weekly newsletter entitled Nonsense NYC which basically lists events around the city that require you to be on at least one hallucinogen to have fun.  This week, this charming fellow below is looking for some help on a “project” of his:

* I live in a ground floor with many windows, I have coated the windows with a material such that no one can see in unless there is bright light. I want to flash people (in our underwear, not naked) through the window. This will involve a group of us (about 16) wearing underwear (preferably white, nothing sexy) and a flashlight. I’m looking for a mix of people (old, young, black, white, Asian, female, male, other) but definitely no creeps or douchebags or spectators. You should be very easygoing and have a flashlight and white underwear, but i may be able to provide both if you don’t have, and maybe wine, but not looking to get drunks. I’m hoping for September 16, meeting at around 8ish, flashing at around 9ish. I think this Sunday trial would be fun and weed out people just looking to party, but I can’t stress this enough, please no weirdos or creeps, this is my apartment after all. Email me with some minor info about yourself and why you’re interested! Contact —.

Aw shucks, I’m busy that evening.  I have to wash my hair.

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