I can’t find another mention of this portmanteau out there although a) I’ve been using it for at least a year,  b) I’m sure that the good folks over Vulture have written about it at least once and c) there is a blog called Hipster or Hasid? and they, at some point, should have figured out there is such a thing as a creature who is BOTH a hipster AND a hasid.  World, greet the HIPSID:

h/t –– what else? –– CrownHeights.info

h/t –– what else? –– CrownHeights.info

Usually Hipsids are Lubavitchers, but there might be a rebellious Satmar or two out there who wear a sleek little fedora and a blazer instead of a kaften.  If you live in Park Slope, Crown Heights or Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, this term should come in especially handy.  If you live pretty much anywhere else, you’ll be lucky to use it twice in your whole life.  Hipsids like:

1. Bulletproof Stockings

2. Colorful sneakers

3. Basil restaurant in Crown Heights

4. Tweeting the parsha

5. Jewcy

6. The Yiddish Farm program

7. The Hester

8. Biking

9. Prospect Park

10. Nebbishy plastic eyewear

Shout out to the lovely Elke Reva Sudin, whose painting series, “Hipsters and Hassids,” inspired us all to think about the way these groups interact and overlap.

On that note, everyone have a chag kosher v’sameach!

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