When I was in college, I was far more glamorous than I am now, which is to say I spent my parents’ money freely on baubles and fur shrugs and went to parties downtown at Bungalow 8 and other places that used to be cool.  I also interned at the most famous fashion magazine in the world, and I would stumble into work on Friday mornings wearing last night’s make-up and dark green wedge heels and proceed to romp around the closet and order messengers most of the day.  While there, I became friendly with my boss, who was close with the jewelry designer Lulu Frost, aka Lisa Salzer.  Lisa was making these necklaces out of the numbers from the doors at the Plaza Hotel, which at this point had just been sold.  I had a huge friend crush on Lisa and went to visit her studio, and she, in recompense for my affection, sold me a Plaza number necklace at a discount price.  And today I was wandering around the interwebs looking at jewelry in a moment of intellectual laziness and came across Lulu’s website and OH MY G-D I should have stayed friends with her and tried to snatch something from her “Let’s Bring Back” collection, such as this necklace made of eyes.



It occurs to me that this is at least the second post I’ve written about ocular necklaces, and at least the third about necklaces designed to look like human body parts.  I would have made a great voodoo priestess.

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