So just as an FYI to my 10 devoted readers, whom I LOVE (yes, that’s you), this is my 1000TH BLOG POST!  OMG B”H YES I AM GREAT!  So my beloved boyfriend is throwing me a party to celebrate the fact that I am diligent as hell (though a Luddite, and horrendous self-promoter.)  If you are reading this right now, then you are INVITED!  There will be snacks, OTD Hasidim and tears shed over the canceling of Intervention; there will not be people riding bicycles on the sidewalk or celebrities who have been to rehab for “exhaustion.”  Details below.

PLACE: The Brooklyn Inn––148 Hoyt Street @ Bergen

TIME: 7:30, Thursday, June 6th

BRING: Whatever/whomever you want

WHY YOU SHOULD COME: Because I heart you, I might buy you a drink and my parents are coming and if no one else comes they will think I have no friends and I will be embarrassed

UPDATE: I realized I used the word “devoted” twice in the first two sentences.  #thingsthatcausemeshame.


  1. Meghan Dolan Says:

    YAY KELS!!!!

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