DIY Earrings

Le freak c'est chic.

Le freak c’est chic.

After I saw Moonrise Kingdom––which I consider to be Wes Anderson’s most successful movie in years––I looked everywhere for dead beetles with which to recreate the earrings that Sam makes for Suzy.

But sadly, all I could find were the wings of the beetles, and earrings made out of them, which were far less exciting than what I had envisioned.

But today, I got an email in my inbox commemorating the Evolution Store’s 20th anniversary (mazel!) and, intrigued by the maroon version of their signature tote, decided to give the e-stock a second look.  AND I’m not sure any of the options I’ve come up with are perfect, they’re as close as I’ve gotten so far.  You can buy me whichever one you think is the closest.

Sagra Femorata

Sagra Femorata

Sternocera Aqui

Sternocera Aqui

Chrysina Beyeri

Chrysina Beyeri

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