Overheard at Self Serve

The “more” as promised:

“Tantric sex still counts.”

“I wonder if you guys have anything that would make sex while pregnant less painful.”

“These are NOT the batteries that go with these.”

“Sometimes those vibrators are really persnickety.”

“We’re looking for massage oil.”  “Oh, you’re in the lubricant section.”

“We used to have leather that was local.  And blindfolds.”

“I’m holding out for a bondage belt.”

“Who wants to fuck a plastic bag?”

“I’ve been so cold all day except when this one couple came in and asked me a question and I got so hot.”

“You play with penises, you should know this.”

“I wouldn’t put your penis in anything called a ‘Hot Octopus.’”

“You insert them into your vagina and you just walk around.”


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