The Island That Swallowed the Elephant


Picture by GL

“The 1929-30 two year period in Argentina ([Saint Exupery] should have stayed a few months) will be memorable. In Buenos Aires he writes Night Flight, inspired by his own adventure in Patagonia, which was released in 1931 (the Prix Femina will consecrate him as a writer), and meets the greatest and most tormented love of his life, Suncin Consuelo Sandoval de Gómez, the red rose of the Little Prince, the only woman poetic and whimsical enough to be able to see the profile of a boa eating an elephant in his famous drawing of The Little Prince, inspired by the profile of an island in front of Peninsula Valdez.”

3 Responses to “The Island That Swallowed the Elephant”

  1. Matthew Levy Says:

    You know I went there and took a picture of it right?

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