Who Wrote It?

“In France one realizes immediately that one is living in a world of adults; the children take second place.  With us, as everyone knows, the children seem to come first.  As a result we have men and women who have never matured, who are eternally dissatisfied, and who have no real respect for anything, least of all for one another.  Is not much of the morbid, frenetic activity of the American traceable to the restlessness and discontent of childhood?  The needless destruction and reconstruction which is constantly going on, presumably in the name of progress, is of a pattern with the behavior of the spoiled child who, weary of his building blocks, destroys with a sweep of the hand what he has struggled for hours to create.  The only valid reality with us seems to be that of kindergarten.”

A) Hanna Rosin

B) Anais Nin

C) Pamela Druckerman

D) Mireille Guiliano

E) Adam Gopnik

F) Other (Name: ________)

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