When I was a child, I used to pour over the catalogs that came into our house and carefully note the items I wanted to purchase.  I’ve always been meticulous in charting my desires, and though my parents and boyfriend (this one’s for you, sweetheart!) make fun of me for obsessively making lists (my book wish list is divided into need to buy and have purchased but not read) I find a great, though empty, comfort in it.  Herewith, thirty things you, my loyal readers, are welcome to give me for my 30th birthday, a bit more than one month away:

1. DSM-V

2. P-Touch labelmaker

3. Bensimon sneakers

4. An old school Gameboy with Tetris and ONLY TETRIS

5. Popover tin

6. This mug

7. Tiny sheepskin rug

8. Any piece of jewelry that has a human body part on it (like a hand or an eye.)  This sounds cryptic, but examples abound.

9. Gold mascara

10. Any patterned turban

11. A laminating machine

12. Any lounge pants that can be worn on the couch or outside, to fit my freelancer’s lifestyle

13. Mini stairs!!!













14. Dorothy Parker doll























15. The Tenant on DVD (yes, I still want to own physical DVDs)

16. Cool frum skirts

17. Anything from the Evolution Store

18. Le Creuset anything

19. This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen:












20. Illustrated Tender Buttons, as featured on this website

21. New bathing suits (athletic and not)

22. A tray made by my friend EM, mosaic artist

23. an endless supply of Meyer’s candles

24. Bunny chair, also featured on this site

25. A keychain (lame, I know, but you have the potential to get creative with this one!)

26. Chanel pearl bobby pins

27. An assistant (for just one day a week)

28. Millions of pairs of black opaque tights

29. File cabinet

30. A $500 gift certificate to a cool independent bookstore… OH WAIT…

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