Pullman vs. Paxton

While on vacation with my family in Bermuda, I inadvertently came up with the most genius game since Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: Pullman vs. Paxton!  Up tonight, level one––basic IMDB info.  Which Bill P. was in the flick?  Score yourself below.

Let's play!

Let’s play!

1. Spaceballs

2. Lola Versus

3. Titanic

4. The Grudge

5. Mighty Joe Young

6. Boxing Helena

7. The Terminator

8. Brokedown Palace

9. True Lies

10. Newsies











1. Pullman, 2. Pullman, 3. Paxton, 4. Pullman, 5. Paxton, 6. Paxton, 7. Paxton, 8. Pullman, 9. Paxton, 10. Pullman


Between 0-3 correct: Steerage Class

Sorry, you’re just not ready for the Paxton vs. Pullman big leagues just yet.

Between 4 and 7 correct: Pizza the Hut

Well done!  Grab yourself another wife.

Between 8 and 10 correct: You’ll Be Back

Wowee, you really know your stuff!  Advance to the next level, “Who Said It: Quotes by Bill P.”



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