Snail Mail Letters I’ve Written and Sent in the Past Month

1. To Fran Lebowitz, via her speaking agency, asking if she’d consider chaffeuring me and my husband from our wedding ceremony to the reception in her vintage checkered cab

2. Suzanne Lipschutz, to see if she’d be willing to sell one of her armadillo lamps now that she is downsizing.

3. Shannon Conley, a convert to Islam who was arrested trying to go to Syria to join ISIS, to see if she’d let me interview her

4. Netflix, to apologize for sending a movie back so late (because I lost it)

5. Annie Dillard’s agent, in hopes that he will inform me when she has a new book coming out

6. Author Joanne Greenberg, just to say ‘sup

In other news, I’m having this problem in which the cover of this biography I’m reading of Wittgenstein looks a lot (to me) like Catherine Keener’s portrait of Kramer from Seinfeld.  And so I giggle whenever I open the book, but Wittgenstein is NO LAUGHING MATTER.



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