So now I live in London, which is “quite” weird.  (I’ve learned to say “quite” a lot, because that’s how you fit in here.)  And I’ve been busy… well, learning how to fit in, which means I haven’t blogged in thirteen days!  A travesty.  I was thinking to myself just before that there were things I had planned to write about but I had forgotten what they were, and then, lying in our lumpy bed in a corporate apartment, I remembered one: Westminster Choir School!

Husband’s birthday was on Thursday, so we went to Westminster Abbey, because he’s a bit of a history nerd.  I surprised myself by being actually as interested as I usually have to pretend to be at historical sites, mostly because there were a number of elaborate tombs for people, and I adore elaborate tombs.  Perhaps the funniest of the bunch were the tombs of Mary I and her sister, Elizabeth I, because Mary was an ardent Roman Catholic who succeeded in reviving interest in Catholicism during her reign, but then Elizabeth brought back Protestantism, and as everyone knows Brits hate Catholics, they opted to bury Mary underneath her sister.  No doubt as to who won that battle, eh?

Anyway, here’s what I actually wanted to write about: during the audio tour, a butter-tongued Jeremy Irons tells us that young choirboys at Westminster not only sing there, but attend school there as well.  After the tour, husband and I took a brief little walk around “Dean’s Yard,” as they call it, and I immediately hit upon a genius idea: a YA series that takes place at Westminster Choir School.  Part Hogwarts, part Fame, throw in a little Mary Renault and a dash of Spring Awakening, if we want things to get real spicy, and I believe we have a few hits on our hands.  Then again, with that admixture, what kind of audience would it attract?

You wish these had been your uniforms.

You wish these had been your uniforms.

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