Reasons Why I’m Posting A Random Funny Picture

1. I drank two glasses of wine and ergo cannot write anything of value (I wanted to put every word of that in quotes –– overly quoting I find actually side-splitting hilarious these days, which… )

2. I am full because I –– get this –– after my drinks date went to get a piece of pizza, ate it as I walked to the subway, rode the subway home, on the way decided I STILL WANTED PIZZA, and then got another slice in my neighborhood on my way to my house.

3. Melancholy Mondays

4. Still feeling a little raw from being burned by Vice

5. It’s hard to concentrate with Law and Order in the background.

4. I have actual work to do.  Sheesh, you think all I do is write down genius one-liners, think about schadenfreude and eat pizza?  I’m a multitalented multitasker (that’s my rap name, actually.)

A funny picture:

By the way, the categorization of this as “It Could Be Worse…” refers to reader’s comparing him/herself to me.  It could be worse, Nabokovian reader.  You could be pathologically obsessed with pizza.


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