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March 1, 2010

I am having difficulty structuring the book I am writing and in an effort to see the layout more clearly, have pasted Post-It notes corresponding to sections all over my wall.  I just move them around when I think I have an idea of how I want things organized.  I say this like it’s no big deal, like I just do it when the muse sings to me, but it’s far more torturous than that; if there were a video camera in my room, the viewer could watch hours of me pacing in and out of the room, making hand gestures, talking to myself, occasionally storming out the door in a huff.  Thank God my roommate was gone the entire time.  I live on the ocean and oftentimes keep the terrace door open at night and even though the terrace is off the other room, the Post-Its still get blown off the walls and end up scattered on the floor.

So today I was shuffling around in my leopard print Snuggie (that’s right) and I heard the sound of paper against concrete and looked down and there was the Post-It labeled “The End” sticking ever so tenuously to the bottom of my Snuggie.  What does it all mean?