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September 24, 2014

I would like to play this version of Candy Crush.  Anyone want to join?

I’ve also always always wanted to play Calvinball, but it seems previous efforts to “organize a game, like this one from back in 2002, have come to naught.  Again, let me know if you feel like getting in on this.

“a league should be formed that hosts the popular game presented in Bill Watterson’s cartoon Calvin and Hobbes. The general premise of the game is that you make up the rules as you play and you can’t play the same way twice.

Since there will really be no winners, rankings and rosters are unnecessary.”

So sorry I’ve been a rather shitty correspondent recently.  Traveling, procrastinating, and then getting engaged––this kind of stuff really ties a girl up!

A Piece I Want to Write

September 18, 2014

“The Magical Negro and the Manic Pixie Dream Girl Go on a Date.”

Hilarious, right?

Unfortunately I’m super busy at the moment so can someone else take the reins on this?  ASAP, tks.

Research trip?

Research trip?


September 18, 2014

I’ve been gone for quite some time, and I’m so, so sorry, but you see, I have four weddings to attend in the span of four weeks (only one left!) and that, plus other travels, have taken me to Providence, Rhode Island, Ohio and Boston.  So needless to say, I’m a little tired.  I thought that I would spend my many hours in transit, however, catching up on some reading I really should have done in high school, so I took the collected poems of Emily Dickinson out of the library.  I think in high school, I found her work too quaint and formal for my tastes, but then recently I was thinking about poem 260 (“I’m Nobody!  Who are you?) and  I figured I ought to give it another shot.  If you want don’t want your baggage to go overboard or your mind to feel sharp and lively, though, I wouldn’t recommend it.  The below, though, took me aback; my reaction perhaps belies my mature exterior.


A little bread –– a crust –– a crumb —

A little trust — a demijohn —

Can keep the soul alive —

Not portly, mind! but breathing — warm —

Conscious —  as old Napoleon,

The night before the Crown!


A modest lot — A fame petite —

A brief Campaign of sting and sweet

Is plenty!  Is enough!

A sailor’s business is the shore!
A Soldier’s — balls!  Who asketh more,

Must seek the neighboring life!


September 10, 2014

Resolved: the only thing in the entire world that is worse than Lady Antebellum is the Muzak version of Lady Antebellum.


September 9, 2014

ID: “Dylan reportedly visits Chabad synagogues; on Yom Kippur in 2007 he attended Congregation Beth Tefillah, in Atlanta, Georgia, where he was called to the Torah for the sixth aliyah.”

can you imagine?

you’re in synagogue

atoning for your many, many sins
and BAM
bob dylan
ML: yes i can, bc i’ve contemplated just this eventuality
ML: look at this


Casting for Biopics of Poets

September 9, 2014

So, Robert Lowell in the biopic Locked Razors (too morbid?  Title open to discussion) will be played by…

Kinda dreamy, no?  In a bad boy sort of way.

Kinda dreamy, no? In a bad boy sort of way.


Grows out his hair a little, and bingo bango.

Grows out his hair a little, and bingo bango.

My boyfriend and I, just apropos of the above, happened to see Michael Shannon recently, looking quite disheveled and walking the streets of Brooklyn muttering to himself.  This segues nicely into the following scary tidbit: I see Philip Seymour Hoffman all the time.  Mostly in subway stations, but on a super regular basis.  A pallid face zooms by me, and I turn around to catch a glimpse of a strawberry blond head, and I think, “Hey, that’s Philip Seymour Hoffman!”  But… isn’t he dead? you’re thinking.  Yes, he is.  Hence the “scary.”

Tehching Hsieh

September 7, 2014

You guys don’t know who Tehching Hsieh is?  Man, that is so embarrassing.  Google him immediately, or at least read this interview of his with the Brooklyn Rail from 2003.  Hsieh retired from art back in 1999 basically (I think that’s the right year) but apparently in 2003 he was allowing artists to live for free in his building in Williamsburg.  Siobhan is tracking down the gatekeeper right now.  The world shall know my micrographic masterpieces!

Hsieh: I have a building in Williamsburg and I let artists live there for free from 1994 until now. There are different artists in there every year. They have a 1000 square feet to work in. I don’t call that art; it is just a visiting artists project.

Rail: You bought buildings there?

Hsieh: I bought a building, renovated it, and built another building that was entirely new.

Rail: You financed it yourself?

Hsieh: Yes. You see, before I came to the U.S. I was a painter and I did many paintings until 1973. In 1994, they were all sold at an auction and I made about $500,000.

I have four floors. One floor I rent to cover expenses. The rest I give to visiting artists. This year, one is a Mongolian filmmaker and another is a Ukrainian folk singer.

Rail: How do you find the artists?

Hsieh: I have a person who helps me select the artists. And that person gets one floor, and the other two floors are given to two artists a year. But again, that is not art to me, because to me any person can do that kind of “art.” Rich people for example can do it without any problem. So, that is the kind of action I do, the life I create.


September 3, 2014

included in the most outrageous cookbook ever, Darling, You Shouldn’t Have Gone to so Much Trouble, compiled by Lady Caroline Blackwood and Amanda Haycraft

Sonia Orwell’s Tagliatelli with Truffles

Marianne Faithfull’s Different Sweet/Sour Pork

Barbara Cartland’s Filets de Sole Caprice (“cooked by her chef Nigel Gordon in 10 minutes”)

Quentin Crisp’s Tibetan Workhouse Soup (ed note: oooo boy)

Bernard Shaw’s Vegetable Salads

Beryl Bainbridge’s Stovies

Anne Dunn’s Cold Omelette

Lucian Freud’s Tomato Soup au Naturel

Nicholas Haslam’s Fake Mayonnaise for Masking Cold Chicken

Natasha Spender’s Ukrainian Eggs

Jonathan Miller’s coleslaw

Roald Dahl’s Norwegian Cauliflower

Doon Plunkett’s Caviar Soup

Francis Bacon’s Thick, Fat, Genuine Mayonnaise

(The author would like to thank Nancy Schoenberger for her help compiling this list)