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In Case You’re in NYC…

September 30, 2009

Parrot Behavior and Training Workshop

October 10th and 11th at Uptown birds

Between 85th and 86th on Amsterdam Avenue

Call 212.877.2473

A Memory of Her Lodged in Air and Skin

September 29, 2009


If the slightly wet air in the skin is the hillside
is wherever I have to forgive what I have forgotten
is error unretrieved from clouds over ponds
is we’re going swimming she said.
What I can’t remember is what I can’t feel —
the same moist air almost going as the cloud from hill to hill
and what she looked like when we had hung about indifferent to time
and place.

We had to forgive the backs of knees when it rained
and you can’t go in during a storm she said
you can’t go swimming after lunch and waiting for her to turn around
in the wet air through the length of a 40 years’ day.

Martha Ronk
(What, you thought me?!  HA!)

Two Things

September 29, 2009

1. Done with Mamet!  Praise Be to G-d!

2. I think the entire world ought to give the cast of The Hills and any of its spin-offs the silent treatment.  Who’s with me?

My Roommate is a Goddamn Genius

September 24, 2009

She thinks TSS is a conspiracy designed to make women afraid to keep a tampon in for too long, thus forcing them to buy more tampons.  Have you ever actually met anyone who has had TSS?  I think someone told me this girl at my camp had it, but I never heard it from her.  I’m going to track her down.  I think her name was Abby.  Stay tuned…

Want to Raise a Handsome Rogue?

September 23, 2009

According to the still-venerable baby name book Beyond Jennifer and Jason

“Good looking names for boys can be divided into two categories: nice guys and not-so-nice guys. The nice guys are sensitive and sweet and tend to offer a goodnight kiss at the door; the rogues don’t call the next morning, although women usually wish they would.”

Handsome Rogue Names

Plus some free association, by me. Obviously. It’s my blog. I get to say what I want. Fuck off.







Brock (Hudson? Gay, right?  And by Brock I meant Rock.  Sorry, D.  You know all the gay idols.)

Chad (Will never be the same after that election)


Clint (Eastwood.)

Cody (My mind immediately thinks Gifford, and that’s always funny.)



Darcy (Do these count if they’re last names, too? I think of Pride and Prejudice. My roommate hearts Mr. Darcy like woah.)





Flint (A lot of these names are old guy names)









Judd (Nelson)

Keil (I’m still thinking about Cody Gifford. Ahhhhhahahahahahaha.)

Lex (Luther?)








Wolf (Grrr!)




My Happy Place

September 22, 2009
Inside Shakespeare & Co. bookstore in Paris

Inside Shakespeare & Co. bookstore in Paris

Holocaust Porn

September 22, 2009

So I thought I came up with Holocaust Porn, which isn’t a real thing, but two words, in their essences meaningless (as all words are) when, said one after the other, cause an intense reaction in others.  An experiment, of sorts.  Of course such a thing doesn’t exist; just invoking its empty name implicates the listener, whose mind is in control of what images or ideas or symbols come forth.

Using my intellect to justify being willfully iconoclastic.  Happy Monday!

Also I think it would be funny to tell people at parties that you’re currently working on a screenplay.  “Essentially, it’s erotica that takes place at Auschwitz.”  Just watch their faces.

Again, I thought I came up with it.  But no, guess again!  You’re right –– our friend David Mamet!

In a chapter entitled Sadomasochistic Phenomena; or, the Two Chelms

“The masochistic and sadistic imagination engages in fantasies wherein the cryptosexual delight of unlimited power is experienced (equally and perhaps interchangeably) as victim and perpetrator.

Holocaust films and slave epics are, essentially, these sexual fantasies.  Their viewer is permitted, by the rectitude of the innocent sufferer’s cause, to engage in fantasies of submission, simultaneously enjoying fantasies of dominance.

Anti-Semitism is a profoundly sexual fantasy — a sado-masochism founded on religious or pseudoreligious (e.g. Marxist or Nazi) views, which views are variously called ‘social’ or ‘racial.’  It is (consider the bizarre paraphernalia of the Nazis, the impossibly intricate illogic of the Holocaust denier) a fantasy capable of being worked out endlessly in everyday life; quite literally, a dream come true.”

WOAH, David Mamet!  You…are nuts.


September 21, 2009

Two poems by Richard Brautigan, which I first read lying in a hammock in Brazil…

The Nature Poem

The moon

is Hamlet

on a motorcycle

coming down

a dark road.

He is wearing

a black leather

jacket and


I have


to go.

I will ride

all night.

Widow’s Lament

It’s not quite cold enough

to go borrow some firewood

from the neighbors.

If I Had a Twitter Right Now…

September 19, 2009

it would say, “ID is thinking it’s a shame she doesn’t have enough money to buy really expensive lingerie.”

…Had A Twitter, or just Had Twitter?

A Very Funny Exchange

September 18, 2009

(The subject, BTW, is pacifism.)


just read in this morning’s new york times that the state of ohio spent 2 hours trying to kill a man yesterday, and they could not find a vein they could get the needle into, and now they are RE-SCHEDULING killing him next week. my jaw dropped. that there is a death penalty here is barbaric in my view –we are among the few “civilized” nations that have it, as you probably know; our neighbors like Mexico are appalled–but to strap a man down and try to kill him for HOURS and then decide you’re going to do it to him again next week is torture of the most rarified kind. far worse than putting someone on the rack and snapping his tendons and connective tissue. in other words, makes medieval methods look like child’s play. you’d think that if the state failed to kill someone right–or at all–that they then forego the right to kill him. but they’re using a 1946 ruling to justify it–apparently it’s not unconstitutional. yeah well, neither was slavery.

and to answer ID’s about muktananda’s philosophy, yeah, non-violence entirely.

See, all I thought was Jesus, how lame can Ohio be that we can’t even get a vein? Is this because of the budget problem??