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The One, The Only

March 25, 2011

Beautiful little Alice Liddell

More Funny Book Proposals

March 24, 2011

As I said before, sometimes we get hilarious book proposals at my office.  (A Book Deal-Worthy blog would chronicle just these and then they could be compiled into a book –– but would you have to pay the weirdos royalties?)  Here’s a section of a proposal entitled The Alien Letters, a book of “a series of letters written to an unmarried human by an intelligent visitor from another planet.”  Fiction.  Just FYI.

Letter Forty

Dear human,

The process of falling in love with a married man was sweet.  You at first (for a very brief honeymoon period) carried this sweetness into all other areas of your life.  This was followed by the entrance of discomfort caused mainly by associating your life outside of work with his absence, making your experience bitter-sweet.  As time has progressed, the bitter portion has increased and the sweet portion diminished.  During all of this, your experience at work has remained largely sweet for the obvious reason that he is there.  However, even that is beginning to change.

Because there is absolutely no sense in which he belongs to you, an increasing amount of hurt and pain is occurring in you each time you see him or spend time with him because each sighting throws in your face both the fact that he does not belong to you and the fact that you wish he did.  This mixture is by definition painful.  The more attached to him you have become, the more painful your sightings of him will be.  Thus, though you long for him, you have begun to avoid him when you can.  Instead of taking the hallway where you are most likely to see him, you now take the long way around.  If you see him in the distance, you change courses in an effort to avoid a short, and therefore awkward conversation.  The occasions when you see him but are not able to speak to him are unspeakably awkward and pierce your heart for hours thereafter.  A three-second sighting, especially one where he seemed almost cold, formal, and even distant, puts you on the verge of tears.  You experience untold relief when he is absent from work because his absence gives you rest from the pain of these sightings and the resultant emotional strain.  You feel like you have been released from a prison because in his absence you are free to walk anywhere in the building without fear of seeing him.
The interplay of your varying emotions is, in your mind, being caused by him.  In other words, if it were not for him, you would not be in the pain you are in.  As such, you have actually become angry at him for causing you such distress.  Pain, especially prolonged pain of the type you are experiencing, almost always among you humans turns into anger, and anger always needs an object to be mad at, usually the cause of the pain if it can be identified.  (If it cannot be identified, you humans tend to take your anger out on whoever is most convenient or on whoever you can take it out on and get away with it such as a loved one that you take for granted.)  Since you can identify the cause of your pain and anger as him, you are finding it increasingly difficult to be civil to him.

Your incivility takes the form of being icy cold to him to a degree so obvious that even other coworkers notice, though they pretend not to notice.  Besides your coldness toward him being ultimately motivated by your anger, you have three other motivations, each of which bring their unique bitter taste to the blend.  One, you hope he will notice your coldness and ask you about it.  You wish this not only because you would crave such attention from him but also because you hope that his noticing of your coldness and stiffness would indicate that he ultimately cares about you the way you care about him.  In other words, you suppose that his noticing would prove that he has feelings for you.  Two, you desire to hurt him as payback for hurting you.  Again, in addition to wanting to hurt him for the sake of hurting him, you are also looking for proof of his interest in you by supposing that if he really is hurt by your iciness then he must indeed have something for you, otherwise he would not be hurt.  And three, you hope that by being mean to him your own emotions for him will subside.

After being mean to him for a while you start to feel guilty which in turn moves you to be particularly warm toward him.  Thus you are running hot and cold with him.  Distancing yourself from him also produces fear in you because you do not want your coldness to be the reason that you ultimately missed out on the possibility of having him.  And even apart from all that, you do not want to be the bad guy and allow him to say that the reason it didn’t work out between you two was because of you.  Your current emotional state has sapped any strength you may have had to bear such a burden.

Your resident alien


Bombass Necklace

March 17, 2011

My roommate designs jewelry (yes, I live in Brooklyn) and wants to make these necklaces for the two of us… reminiscent of the work of Louise Bourgeois, non?

My Office is Full of Treasures

March 10, 2011

A first edition of Bambi, for one, and one of the author’s other books, which sounds like a MUST READ:

The Austrian erotic classic that’ll make any parent think twice about taking their young ones to meet a beloved children’s book author.  Written by Felix Salten (Bambi), [this book] is the story of a young girl and her many amorous encounters, with friends, family, and the local priest, culminating in her establishing a career as a high-priced courtesan.

Who Can I Call?

March 3, 2011

When I used to work for a literary agent, I would get sometimes query letters from people writing books about how the government tried to steal their brains, etc.  I would often wonder if I should call Adult Protective Services in their respective neighborhoods to have someone check in on them, but refrained.  Now at my current job, I’ve gotten an inquiry similarly insane from a former hometown of mine.  Here goes:

Dear xxxx,

Please consider my proposal.  I hope it will fit the need of your publishing house.

Self help it’s what I have done to save my son who was near to kill himself when a jealous family member spells a curse to him.

With a PhD in psychology and psychoanalysis, I wasn’t trained to fight curses and Satan.  I learn a lot and our life change forever.  It’s my duty to share my successful happy end story “Challenging Satan” to help so many people who struggle for a peaceful life and will be interested to know what to do to take out a curse.  I am a well-known author of books in France: new age and travel.

I always autographed my books and give my email address to stay in touch with the readers.

I give also conferences in Universities.

Doing promotion for thousand of artists for 40 years (I am owner of a museum); I love to work with the Medias.

I am finishing 3 others books: My ghost tells me, French Riviera and After Life Report, with pleasure since in America it’s no restriction about New Age.

Thank you in advance, for reading the synopsis with table of contents and to look over my proposal.