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Pizza Profiling

June 6, 2016

LB: my co worker was telling me about his daughter’s bday party
which i couldn’t care less about because i’m a monster
but he said they had pizza
and all i wanted to know was where he ordered the pizza from
because you can tell a lot about a person from where they order pizza from

ID:  you can indeed!

LB: like, did he go the papa john’s route or go for something more local
he lives close to my boyfriend’s sister and i know where she orders pizza from so i’m guessing he did the same
why i care about these things, i have not a clue
i could have asked but the moment has passed

Sergey Konokov

June 2, 2016

When it comes to acquiring art, I like to go one of two ways: first, buying works by friends, or second, buying pieces that have good stories behind them, whether it’s about how I stumbled upon the artist or the artist’s personal story or whatever.  So for my first significant painting purchase, the story goes: my husband and I were wandering around the Marais neighborhood in Paris.  It was a Saturday, so we couldn’t do much, and it was drizzling rain, so we were both irritable about not having much we could do.  But then we turned right down a street lined with art galleries, and realized an activity was right at our doorstep (so to speak.)  Most of what we saw was mediocre, but the work of Sergey Konokov stood out.  Dark, technically mature (amazing, as the artist is only twenty-one), equal parts Francis Bacon and The Ring (post-tape watching.)  The painting of the dogs fighting would be great in a dining area, just to make your guests feel mildly uneasy during a fancy supper.