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More Clean-Up

November 8, 2013



November 7, 2013

Is it weird that I want to see this “psychothriller porno?”
Jonas Middleton

1976, 91 min, 35mm
“A particularly deviant homage to Fellini, Ken Russell, Roger Vadim, and about a dozen other European directors, all served up in the context of a genuinely creepy horror film.” –Nathaniel Thompson, MONDO DIGITAL
Middleton’s disturbing exploration of an unhappily married woman’s fascination with a mysterious mirror in her mansion’s attic is the adult film genre’s sole psychological horror film. While the title implies a porno variant of Lewis Carroll’s classic story of Alice venturing into Wonderland, Middleton instead weaves a tale of incest, child abuse, and mental anguish, with the visual style and storytelling of a Gothic horror tale set in a sprawling, shadowy family estate. Catherine Burgess stars as Catherine, a pillar of high society whose impossibly perfect facade conceals an unhealthy obsession with an evil entity haunting her home, which takes on the persona of her late father. As her life begins to crumble around her, she is offered one chance to reunite with dear dead dad…for a price…. Expertly photographed by future Hollywood cinematographer João Fernandes (‘Harry Flecks’), boasting a cast of some of the best actors in the New York adult film scene of the mid-70s (Jamie Gillis, Terri Hall, Roger Caine, Kim Pope, Nancy Dare, Jeffrey Hurst, Bobby Astyr), and accented by a mesmerizing score courtesy of Arlon Ober and future FRIDAY THE 13TH composer Harry Manfredini, THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS is a horrific gem waiting to be rediscovered by contemporary audiences.


November 7, 2013

“Lately I have been having nightmares.  I am always stealing heads of fresh lettuce from dead men.”
~Diary of Ruth Straub, nurse at Bataan in 1942, excerpted in We Band of Angels: The Untold Story of the American Women Trapped on Bataan

Continuing the Purge

November 6, 2013

I am continuing to clean out my work desktop, and came across this amazing print, which I really wanted to buy until I realized it was 10K.  Oops!  The artist, Mike Levin, is blowing up all over the place.  Also, below, a funny little tidbit about the Rebbe’s possible insanity.

The Royal Teitelbaums

The Royal Teitelbaums

From Jewish Ideas Daily, ages ago:

“…[O]ne finds bizarre accounts of three-year-old Joel Teitelbaum repeatedly engaged for long periods of time in rinsing his mouth, washing his hands, and sitting on the toilet, often interrupting his own prayers to return to the outhouse. The explanation offered for this behavior, which was a source of great concern to his mother, is that the saintly child could not appear before his Creator in prayer without having completely purified his holy body of all forms of uncleanness.

“Needless to say, a very different, clinical explanation jumps out from these narratives of childhood fixation: namely, that they testify to an extreme, textbook case of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). The refusal even to touch Israeli currency can be adduced as another example of the same psychological disorder, as, still more weirdly, can Teitelbaum’s unusual interest in the density of the fabric (the technical term is denier count) of the stockings worn by women in the Satmar community.

“In Meisels’s words, ‘The rebbe taught that even 70-denier stockings should not be worn. The numerical value of sod (secret) is 70, so the secret is out that this [stocking] is also transparent.’ There then follows a lengthy account of Teitelbaum’s creation, with the help of a Brooklyn businessman named Lipa Brach, of an exclusive line of fully opaque women’s hosiery:

Money in hand, Reb Lipa Brach began to work on the project. He went to several hosiery manufacturers, collected samples, and brought all of them to the rebbe to inspect. The rebbe was very pleased with the progress, and he tested each sample by pulling it over his own arm. If his hair showed, it was no good…. The new stockings were given the brand name, ‘Palm,’ the English translation of the Rebbe’s surname…. To this day every Satmar woman and girl wears Palm stockings.

“In many years of reading hasidic literature, from theoretical mystical tracts to tales and hagiographies, I have never encountered anything remotely like this image of a rebbe testing the thickness of stockings on his own arm, let alone naming a line of women’s undergarments after himself. Was he aware of what he was doing? Most people who suffer from OCD are highly conscious of their disorder; a revered religious leader, zealously guarded by a closed circle of worshipful acolytes, would be more likely to mistake psychiatric symptoms as messages from God.…”

Leaving My Job

November 5, 2013

Guess what everyone?  I’m leaving my day job to blog full-time!  (Sorta.)  This means I have start cleaning out the folders of random jpgs and writings I have amassed in my nine months at this desk.  Step one: bye-bye, Secret Snow.

She's already developing her artist's instinct.

She’s already developing her artist’s instinct.

Occupy Prada Marfa

November 4, 2013

Calling all community activists: you have probably heard that our beloved Prada outpost in the Chihuahuan Desert near Marfa, Texas, has come under fire recently, probably from the same Texan morons who want to micromanage your fetus and fuck a horse (simultaneously.)  I don’t particularly care about the nuances of public advertising law, but I do care about DAMN FUNNY ART, and so I am leading a group of serious people down to Marfa THIS SUNDAY via private jet to camp next to the store and protest not just its possible removal, but anything critical that anyone would ever say about it.  You should definitely bring your wackiest outfits, tents and/or teepees, whisky, peace pipes, books, and musical instruments.  Also, it will be helpful to have chainsaws and other tools, as we will send out small groups during the night to systematically destroy “Playboy Marfa.”  We will make signs that read “I ❤ ELMGREEN AND DRAGSET” large enough to be read by helicopters flying above.  Prepare to act as dead weight when the police arrive, and scare roaming cowboys by making out with the nearest person to you of the same gender.

To apply for one of the 20 seats on the private jet, please send a short essay describing your most transcendent experience to  We will be in touch to discuss the Friday shabbat dinner meeting and trust-fall session, and Sunday’s departure.  Until then, namaste.




November 1, 2013

Someone come up with an app that hooks up people with large credits at stores who’d rather have the cash with people who were already planning to spend that kind of money on Fancy Boutique Emporium Whatever, so they can circumvent the system and end up with what they need most.  Calling all web designers!