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I Wish It Were the REAL Kim Kardashian

June 14, 2013

Obviously I am not dumb enough to believe it is.


Everyone email her!

Everyone email her!


Something Strange

June 14, 2013

My conspiracy theory radar just went off.

Tish Cyrus’ statement about filing for divorce from Billy Ray: “This is a personal matter and we are working to find a resolution that is in the best interest of our family. We ask that you respect our privacy at this time.”

Billy Ray’s SEPARATE statement about Tish’s filing: “This is a personal matter and we are doing what is in the best interest of our family. We ask that you respect our privacy at this time.”

Hm… same PR rep?

Everyone Loves a Socialist Girl

June 14, 2013
That's a great signature, Simone.

That’s a great signature, Simone.


June 11, 2013

So I was looking at a list of review books available for me to critique when I came to a book by documentary filmmaker Polly Morland called The Society of Timid Souls: Or, How To Be Brave.  The synopsis is as follows:

With The Society of Timid Souls, or How To Be Brave, documentary filmmaker Polly Morland sets out to investigate bravery, a quality that she has always felt she lacked.  The book takes inspiration from a vividly eccentric, and radical, self-help group for stage-frightened performers in 1940s Manhattan, which coincided with the terrifying height of World War II and was called The Society of Timid Souls.  Seventy years later, as anxiety about everything from terrorism to economic meltdown continues, Morland argues that courage has become a virtue in crisis.  We are, she says, all Timid Souls now.

Despite a career in which she has filmed in rebel-held Colombian jungles and at the edge of Balkan mass graves, interviewing convicted murderers, drug-traffickers, and terrorists, Morland herself has never felt brave.  Often, the very reverse.  So she sets out to discover how and why courage is achieved in an age of anxiety and whether it might even be learned.  Drawing on her interviews and encounters with soldiers and civilians, bullfighters and big-wave surfers, dissidents fighting for freedom and cancer patients fighting for their lives, Morland examines bravery across the spectrum: from the first childhood act of defiance by Bernard Lafayette, a leader of the civil rights movement who later faced down the KKK in Alabama, or the reflexive will-to-survive of  Vjollca Berisha, a Kosovo Albanian who endured a massacre by playing dead among the bodies of her own family, to the small acts of everyday bravery that quietly punctuate our lives, in schoolyards, labor wards, and hospices the world over.

Along the way, Morland draws attention to some of the myths of bravery that have been conjured and perpetuated over time and argues that, often, courage exists as much in the telling as in the doing.  At once an exploration of what bravery means and a chronicle of the author’s personal journey among those who embody it, The Society of Timid Souls is a profound, approachable meditation on this most valued and mysterious of human qualities.  In setting off on the trail of the lionhearted, Polly Morland finds out a great deal about what makes some of us extraordinary, and what of the extraordinary we all share.

So naturally the most interesting thing about this to me was the title, and the original Society of Timid Souls mentioned in the first paragraph.  (The book itself sounds kind of self-help-y, and also like a collection of the stories and aphorisms you’d hope to pick out yourself from the news/books you read/world around you, ergo not worth the time to stop living your life to think about how… to live your life.)  Unfortunately, now, if you Google “Society of Timid Souls,” you ONLY get the book, and not the original society.  Any members still with us?

Graffiti in the Bathroom of Tomer Devorah High School for Girls, Borough Park

June 11, 2013

“Good girls are bad girls who don’t get caught.”

You sound like good fun, Faigy Teitelbaum.

Foiled Part I-Give-Up

June 10, 2013

I’ve long whined about my desire to write an article on the remaining Branch Davidians, but it looks like NPR beat me to the punch pretty recently.  Dare I say I think my work would have been better than the skeletal piece on NPR?  Some day, I will get the first scoop!

Clive Doyle, a 72-year-old Australian-Texan, still lives in Waco and still has Bible study every Saturday with another survivor, Sheila Martin. Doyle has become the Davidians’ unofficial historian and spokesman. He says they are still waiting on the resurrection of Koresh.

“We survivors of 1993 are looking for David and all those that died either in the shootout or in the fire,” Doyle says. “We believe that God will resurrect this special group.”

Today, all nine Davidian survivors who were convicted for various offenses related to the initial ATF raid have been released from federal prison. Paul Fatta, who spent nearly 13 years in prison on weapons charges, was released two years early for good behavior. Now 55 years old, he lives in San Diego where he manages his family’s Hawaiian restaurant. Fatta, too, still believes.

“I would like to see some divine intervention, for God to vindicate his people,” he says, “all those that have suffered over the years for truth, who’ve been misunderstood, have been mocked, ridiculed [and] thrown in prison.”


June 9, 2013

The Fugitive is the same as Ghost minus the supernatural––successful and kind man with idyllic relationship is murdered by a man hired by his friend in order to cover up the friend’s shady industry dealings.  One features Tommy Lee Jones as wizened cop, the other Whoopi Goldberg as sassy psychic.  Take your pick.


June 8, 2013

I know I maybe post a little too many events from the Nonsense listserv, but you can’t blame me for being unable to resist the urge to share this.  You’ll understand by the end of the first sentence.

Anthropomorphic Mouse Taxidermy Class

Anthropomorphic taxidermy – a practice in which taxidermied animals are posed as if engaged in human activities – was an artform made famous by Victorian taxidermist and museologist Walter Potter. In this class, as profiled by the New York Times, students will learn to create – from start to finish – anthropomorphic mice inspired by the charming and imaginative work of Mr. Potter. Your final project might take the form of a bespectacled, whiskey swilling, top hat tipping mouse; or perhaps a rodent mermaid queen of the burlesque world. With some props and some artful styling, your mouse can become whatever or whomever you want; this is the joy of anthropomorphic taxidermy.

This class will teach students everything involved in producing a fully finished mount, including initial preparation, hygiene and sanitary measures, fleshing, tail stripping, and dry preservation. Once properly preserved, the mice will be posed and outfitted as the student desires, with a selection of props and accessories provided. Students are also encouraged to bring their own accessories and bases. All other supplies will be provided for use in class. Each student will leave class with a fully finished piece, and the knowledge to create their own pieces in the future.


The Observatory

543 Union Street, Brooklyn

June 14, 6:30p; $110



Fuck You, Dov Charney

June 7, 2013

It’s not exactly news that DC is a douche bag––I’ve just been reminded of it in the last couple days.  First this, and then the below ad, which, despite the fact that it features side boob and a lot of butt, manages to be completely unsexy.


Oh shut up.

Oh shut up.

Although I admittedly might have to get some of that nail polish.


June 6, 2013

My boss always cites this as the best title of all time, and for quite a while I thought this was a fake-book, but it turns out it is REAL (though a play.)  Someone needs to re-stage this immediately.  Synopsis below:

Despite the title, it has intense meaning for these times. The scene is a room in a wealthy country club, to which the men’s committee is hastily summoned early one morning after a carousing dance. Problem: what to do about the 16 luscious but low life females who drove up in a Rolls Royces and then proceeded to the tennis courts, where they are now disporting. While the committee huddles, we learn that they are the vulgar, crass people. They are good for nothing but blustering and simpering. It is the attendant, far more refined than they, who is invited out to play with the bevy of beauties, just before the final assault and the collapse of their cardboard world.

DESPITE the title?